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SMM Notice on Information Revisions for Selected Minor Metal Products

Distinguished clients:
After many years' efforts in developing market, enquiry range of SMM minor metal has been expanded. As a result, the origins/brands of selected minor metals have been revised accordingly from March 12th, 2013.
The specific revisions are as follows:
ProductSpecification Origin/Brands before RevisionOrigin/Brands after Revision Unit
Lithium Metal≥99% industrial grade, battery gradeXinjiangChinaRMB/mt
Indium≥99.99%Hunan, HuludaoChinaRMB/kg
Tin DichlorideSnCl2 industrial gradeShanghai, Yunnan Tin CompanyChinaRMB/mt
Tin DioxideSnO2≥98%Taihu brand, Yunnan TinYunnan Tin GroupRMB/mt
Copper SulfateCuSO4·5H2O≥96%Shangye brand, ShanghaiJiangxi Copper, Jinchuan GroupRMB/mt
Stannous SulfateSnSO4 AR (analytical reagent)Shanghai, Yunnan Tin CompanyChinaRMB/mt
Lithium CarbonateLi2CO3 99%XinjiangChinaRMB/mt
Lithium HydroxideLiOH 56.5%Danshui, XinjiangChinaRMB/mt
Nickel ChlorideNiCl2·6H2OJinchuan , JilinJinchuan Group, Ji’en NickelRMB/mt
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