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[Pb Battery]Price War between Leading Battery Makers Becomes More Intense

SHANGHAI, Jul. 3 (SMM) – Price war between leading battery producers has intensified further, SMM stated.
The fierce competition left 48v12Ah motive battery prices at 240-280 yuan in whole market, widening price gap between the same brand batteries. Less known 48v12Ah battery prices dropped slightly to 220-290 yuan, SMM understood.
Automotive battery market remained quiet compared with intense price war in motive battery market.
Automotive battery sales stayed low because of slow battery replacement and poor demand for auto with domestic slow economy. Distributors rushed to promote sales. Inventories at small and mid-sized producers declined due to their previous production halt. Hence, a small number of makers have recovered production with operating rate at 30-50%. 
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HomeNewsIndustrial News [Ni Price] Will Nickel Price Rally in July? SMM Interviews

SHANGHAI, Jul. 2 (SMM) – Nickel prices on the SHFE have witnessed big volatility after rounds of speculation since its launch this March. Will Shanghai nickel price rally in July after recent sharp losses? 
“SHFE nickel is expected to bounce back in July, with V-shaped movement expected,” an analyst from Guosen Futures told SMM in latest interview. 
The analyst explained that shorts are not strong enough to continue pressuring nickel price as markets absorbed negative news.  
“Markets already absorbed possible impact from deliveries of Russia’s Norilsk nickel before the approval by the SHFE on June 30,” the analyst added. 
The approval of Russian nickel’s deliveries will take away worries over the shortage of deliverable brands on the exchange, and this will also grow spot supply against the backdrop of off-demand season in the stainless steel sector, which sent nickel down noticeably in recent days.   
Demand, on the other hand, is likely to improve with support from China’s pro-growth measures during the rest of the year, the analyst said. 
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China Refined Copper Imports Down 2.68% YoY in May

SHANGHAI, Jul. 1 (SMM) – China imported 275,400 mt of refined copper in May, down 2.68% on the year, bringing YTD imports to 1.42 million mt, down 12.42%. This continued decline in import volumes is largely due to lower demand from the finance-driven trade and the lower SHFE/LME copper price ratio, which has widened the loss margin on imported copper to RMB 483/mt.
China exported 23,900 mt of refined copper in May, down 15.2% YoY, bringing January-May exports down 2% to 105,200 mt. Export numbers shifted into contraction due to a 41% slump in premiums.

Chinese Aluminum Scrap prices fall; Brass scrap unchanged, 1st July, 2015

The Chinese Aluminum scrap prices declined marginally on the Scrap Monster Price Index on July 1st, Wednesday.
6063 Extrusions witnessed a price decline of CNY 200 per MT over the previous day. Aluminum Ingots and Transformers prices declined by CNY 250 per MT and CNY 200 per MT respectively. E.C Aluminum Wire prices dropped by CN 250 per MT to touch CNY 12,450 per MT. Old Cast prices too witnessed a down move of CNY 200 per MT. The prices of Aluminum Radiators and Old Sheets saw a down move of CNY 200 per MT. UBC and Zorba 90% INF prices declined by CNY 150 per MT each from the previous day levels.
Meanwhile, Brass Radiator prices remained unchanged at CNY 32,350 per MT over the previous day. Red Brass and Yellow Brass prices too remained flat over the previous day.
However, Stainless steel scrap prices witnessed marginal increase during the day.
201 SS prices were up by CNY 50 per MT.
The prices of 304 SS Solid and 304 SS Turning increased by CNY 100 per MT.
309 SS and 310 SS prices too appreciated by CNY 100 per MT over the previous day.
316 SS Solid and Shred SS prices saw an uptick of CNY 100 per MT and CNY 50 per MT respectively on July 1st.
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[Mn Ore] Falling Demand to Pressure Imported Ore Prices at Chinese Ports

SHANGHAI, Jul. 2 (SMM) – Worsening SiMn alloy market has triggered pessimism in imported manganese ore market at China’s northern ports, SMM has learned. 
SiMn alloy oversupply and sluggish steel market prompted steel mills to push even harder for lower input prices. Hebei Iron & Steel Group plans to cut SiMn alloy purchases for July delivery by 260 tonnes to 27,350 tonnes. Wuhan Iron & Steel Group cut preliminary bid price of 65/17 SiMn alloy by 60 yuan per tonne. Steel mills in northwest China plan to cut SiMn alloy bid prices by 50-200 yuan per tonne. 
Should SiMn alloy prices continue falling, SiMn alloy producers will cut manganese ore purchases and push for lower ore prices. 
Many traders at the country’s northern ports cut manganese ore prices by 0.1-0.2 yuan per mtu on July 2, SMM’s survey found.